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You might have seen some of the press lately about the gender disparity in the Film & Television industry. It seems like everyday there is a new article citing the most depressing statistics - for instance- from 2007-2017 women represented only 4% of the top-grossing films directors.

These numbers are unacceptable, and we are determined to do something about it!  

SnowLion Pictures strongly believes that increasing the number of women's voices in film and television will not only be empowering, but also lucrative - as women buy most of the movie tickets. But most importantly, if we move that decimal point from 4% to 40% there will be a seismic shift in our society -and our values and aspirations will shift, too, to honor inclusiveness, equality, respect, peace and family.

In short, we want to change the world!

And we're starting right here in central Texas. We want to push to make Austin the best city in the world for women who make movies. Already, at a grassroots level, we feel the talent and drive are here! But we need the press to shine a light on our efforts, and we need to develop long term funding streams for women. We can offer a glimpse of a future that reflects the Hollywood that could be and create a model of equality for the entertainment industry at large.

This is an idea who's time has come!

Melissa Dalley


SnowLion Pictures

Jessica Poessiger


SnowLion Pictures 

Melissa Dalley has been working in Austin for 15 years on reality shows, tiny indie features, big-budget productions and everything in between. She produced the award-winning film LOVES HER GUN (SXSW 2013) and THE BIG SPOON (Austin Film Festival 2016), the first film to be made under her SnowLion Pictures banner. SnowLion is committed to making work by and about women, people of color, and people with disabilities - the means matter, as do the stories we tell. 

Currently Melissa is in production on ZEBRAS, a painfully funny digital series she is writing and directing inspired by her family's real-life struggles with a mysterious chronic illness.

Producer Jessica Poessiger is a part of the small and increasingly rare bunch that are born and bred in Austin. Jessica took a bit of a circuitous way to her filmmaking career- after a brush with death in 2011, she reassessed life and made the jump from the world of safe salaries to her dream of becoming a filmmaker. In 8 years time, Jessica has worked in scripted television, reality, indie and big budget features as a Locations Manager and as a Producer. Her credits include blockbusters as well as indie hits like Karen Skloss' HONOR FARM, Andrew Bujalski's RESULTS, and Bob Byington's 7 CHINESE BROTHERS. Most recently she produced the feature film IN SPRING BLOOM and is developing a slate of exciting features.

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